Recommendations for Typonomy's Principal Consultant Syed Ali, from his profile on LinkedIn:

“Syed was a software consultant with our company and successfully performed projects at several different clients. All of the clients were very happy with his efforts and gave him very positive appraisals. Syed is a dedicated, dependable and very competent IT professional.”

-- John Sims, Branch Manager, Analysts International managed Syed during his employment with Analysts.

“During the 10+ years that Syed worked at Analysts, he continually provided quality services to our clients. This was reflected not only in the feedback we received, but also the fact that he was extended many times based on the excellent services he was providing. Syed's delivery skills combined with his people skills provide the ability for him to work in and succeed in many diverse client situations. I would not hesitate to recommend Syed for any role in the future.” April 10, 2008

 -- Mike Madura, Regional Operations Director, Analysts International Corporation, managed Syed  during his employment with Analysts.