Syed N. Ali

Syed Ali is a highly experienced software engineer who has:
▬ over twenty years of industry experience in software development;
▬ extensive experience as a consultant;
▬ worked in a broad range of industries and environments;
▬ knowledge of numerous languages and utilities;
▬ excellent communication skills;
▬ the ability to interact with clients and customers, understand their processes and needs, and provide solutions to their problems.

▬ General/compiled: C, C++, Visual Basic, Basic, Fortran, C#
▬ Low-level: 8085 Assembler
▬ Shells/scripting: Perl, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, sh, awk, sed
▬ Other: SQL(Stored Procedures, T-SQL)

▬ MS-SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Paradox

▬ MS: Windows (Vista, XP, NT, 95, CE/Mobile), DOS
▬ Unix etc: Linux, SCO Unix/Xenix, UnixWare
▬ Mobile: PalmOS, WinCE/Mobile
▬ Other: VMS, RT11, NetWare, OS/2

▬ Intel x86, NeXT, VAX, PDP, Palm, PocketPC

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